Get Reconnected to the Earth – We Should Have Never Disconnected. Important! Please See New Note…

June 18, 2009 by Healthyhank

It was a very windy day in 2001 and I was invited to go paragliding… being 60 years old at the time I was excited about the prospects of flying.  Six months earlier I had gone to a paragliding school and learned how to take off and land.  It was great fun!

Had I been a pilot of a small plane, I would have had a check list and would not have proceeded if things were out of order.  It was a blistery morning with gusts of wind that got your attention.  Instead of telling me to pass for the day, my mind got more excited!  I guess the “3rd puberty” thing was working again :). I was also having trouble remembering what to do from the training…

Well I took off nicely, went into the ‘cruising’ position and enjoyed quite a ride.  On my way to the target landing, I looked up to check the position of the sail and when I looked down – I hit the GROUND!  OMG! When I recovered a bit and realized that I could feel my toes, I knew that I had survived a very serious crash!

I was in considerable pain so I had x-rays taken and saw that I had broken L5 (lower back).  Not wanting to go to the hospital (reasons of survival) I rested for a number of weeks and thought that I had gotten through the crisis.

Some weeks later after a swimming incident that once again was a result of “that puberty thing” I began to have considerable pain radiating down my leg.  Really bad pain! I had an MRI done and saw an ugly picture of discs and vertebras’.  I had one disc out 4mm in one direction with 8mm of the disc hanging down facing the nerve root. I knew I was in trouble!  The doctor that had cared for me for 27 years would not touch me!  I was very afraid!

I went to the VA and met who turned out to be a miracle surgeon – he knew what needed to be done but for some reason he wanted to wait! I was very unhappy at the time; however, it turned out to be a “miracle” moment.  This gave me time to re-think the vertebrae fusion and focused me back to God and healing. During the next four years I used everything that I had ever learned as a health coach (prayer, serious nutrition, aromatherapy, frequencies, inversion, chi machine, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, vibration therapy, and numerous others) and from a medical perspective I did well.  From a personal perspective I didn’t have a life! I was afraid of everything and had no idea of limits – I was miserable.

Now for the real miracle! My dear friend Sheila Curtiss introduced me to Clint Ober and his discovery of “Earthing“. [Please see NOTE at the end of this [post]   Simply put, he discovered what happens when our bare feet touch the earth. When he explained that we “pull” free electrons into our bodies from the earth, I went crazy!  I knew that “free electrons” were anti-oxidants that could knockout “free radicals” and that might reduce my nerve inflammation.  If my S1 nerve was inflamed and out of control I was on a morphine drip!

To make a long story shorter, my workout this morning (four years later) was as aggressive as before I broke my back!  There was no bedding product available then, so I used conductive patches with wires going out a hole in my wall to a stake in the ground.  Today I sleep in sheets with woven silver yarn and the silver is connected to a wire that goes to ground in my wall socket.  It’s like sleeping on the beach all night!

I have slept without inflammation in my body for over seven years now and loving it.  We should have never been disconnected for the earth with the plastics and polymers that we are surrounded with these past 50 years.  When was the last time you touched the earth? If you have any questions please contact me – I have become an expert in this area.  Be well

PLEASE NOTE THIS ADDITION: 5/29/2012 – I am in the process of investigating some new [to me] information about “dirty electricity”.  Stetzer Electric [Dave Stetzer] has done much research about this topic.  The reality is that our corporate power utilities have ‘bastardized’ our utility grid and have used the common [white wire] and ground wires [green wire] as one!  The result of this is that for some [fortunately not me] being ‘connected’ to earth in the USA may NOT be good in fact may be very risky!  We have seen many people sleeping this way without apparent ill effects for about 7 years, however, we did see a very small number of people having difficulties.  I did not understand why at the time – now I believe that Stetzer’s research has the answer.

Since my main interest/need to being “connected” is receiving the flow of free electrons to keep my inflammation at a minimum, [I must get the free electrons into my body during the night time or my pinched nerves will become swollen and create substantial debilitating pain] I have now changed the way I am “connected”.  I am currently DISCONNECTED from the earth and have switched over to my “battery system” [see the posts in the inflammation topics].  My wife and I definitely can tell an improvement in how we feel in the morning time; better sleep and less back stiffness – just feel sharper! I will continue to study Stetzer’s work and comment further at a later time.  This revelation makes me quite disturbed yet I must pursue the truth to where ever it leads me!  Be blessed!

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OMG! Thirty Seven Years Have Gone BY!

June 16, 2009 by Healthyhank

In 1972 I was a “Wall Street” executive, worked in Wall street, drank three martini’s a day, smoked a couple of packs of Camels, drank wine daily, traveled a 100 flights a year, had an ulcer, got strep throat twice a year and thought that I had the world by the tail…

I met a woman who was a health guru that had a chain of the finest health food stores in California and was the aunt of a consultant that I had hired in California.  She shook and held my hand and looked deep into my eyes and said “you may become a great executive someday – IF you live past 35”.  I was a bit shocked and she then said to come by her office and she would explain why she had said that…  I met with her and she proceeded to tell me that my adrenals were shot and I was toxic and if I didn’t change my life style I would be a walking dead man!  That was the beginning of my quest to understand nutrition.

Some years later I had three people in my extended family get diagnosed with cancer and they all were dead within 6 months…  I freaked out since there was no difference between them and my family.  I set out on a course of research to understand cancer and the “alternative” possibilities.  It didn’t take too long before I began to understand the “medical system” and “Big Phara”.  For the next 10 years I walked around ANGRY!

I learned many things including how to eat a macrobiotic diet and did it with a fervor that made my wife and children wish I would leave :).  I was fanatical about staying healthy.  I also began to understand more about how our bodies worked and began to explore various kinds of healing modalities.

I began to understand the relationship between plant and human physiology and health and sickness.  Since virus, bacterium, yeast and fungus are plant physiology it made all the sense in the world to understand the difference in the terrain that made them flourish.  Interestingly enough it would take years to fully understand the profound reality of this simple observation. 

During the following years I learned about scientists like Royal R.Rife and his discoveries with his 50,000 times magnification white light microscope.  I also learned about Morris Fishbine (head of the AMA in the 40’s) and the ruthless persecution of Rife and others that dared to discover modalities that could cure diseases.  (It is interesting that years later I would come across some of Rife’s actual equipment from the archives at UCLA.)  All traces of Rife’s work were removed from all records of North Western University, UCLA and Mayo Clinic.  Studying stories like the saga of Hoxey Hoxey and his battle with the FDA and the AMA and the “support” agencies like the IRS you begin to get a cold sweat.  Well that was 60 years ago – that’s not like it is today!  NOT!  It is actually worse.  The hand of Big Pharma and the $$ cronies in our government make the efforts 50 years ago look like child’s play.

After years of research and watching a dear friend go to prison for helping people get well,  I have basically come to a simple conclusion – We can’t change the “system” and if we try real hard they will find a way to “take us out”!  So the correct approach is to educate ourselves so that we can stay well and not be subjected to the mantra that is the only way to cure yourself of cancer, that is, burn, slash and poison.  Please join me here again at my blog and I will share my thirty plus years of research and give you my thoughts on how to achieve true wellness…

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