Oil Pulling… Weird or Wonderful? You Decide…

November 27, 2009 by Healthyhank

 Two years ago I was experiencing a “makeover” of my mouth… here I was in my late sixties with braces on, preparing for numerous implants and bone surgery :(.  Not a happy time.   An associate of mine sent an article about Oil Pulling.  Reading about this topic I decided to try doing this oil pulling process.  It just happened that I had completed one of my 3 month teeth cleaning sessions and this was a perfect time to start.  I was especially attracted to trying this, since they claimed that doing this for months could make my teeth firmer in my jaw bones.

Each morning I put a tablespoon of sunflower oil in my mouth and “pulled” it through my teeth and gums for about 15 minutes.  Not really unpleasant, just a bit of a funny sensation since my mouth was also filling with saliva.  After the time period I spit it out (it was now a milky white color), rinsed my mouth with water and then brushed my teeth.  I did this for months and then went to my scheduled teeth cleaning appointment.

My regular technician inspected my mouth and asked if I had come in since my last appointment?  No, I answered – why?  She said that my teeth were 90% free of tarter and my gums looked better than she had ever seen!  Wow, that was probably the first time in twenty years that I actually had good news from a dental office! 🙂

Another observation occurred when more work was being done by my dentist in the ensuing months.  He observed that there was a substantial increase in my saliva production.  This is a very healthy sign.  Also my teeth were definitely very firm in the bone. 🙂

As you study the information about Oil Pulling see pdf of Oil pulling you will see the opinions of this Indian doctor and he is serious about the benefits.  I don’t know much more than what I have read so you will have to be your own judge.  Interestingly 🙂 watch this Ad for Oil Pulling shown in India.

Oil Pulling is very safe, very inexpensive, simple and for me very effective.  You be the judge for yourself.  Sometimes these decisions can be very fruitful!  Be blessed

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Rebounding – The Simplest – Powerful – Most Effective Exercise!

November 5, 2009 by Healthyhank

Twenty five years ago I learned that we had over two times more lymphatic fluid than we have blood!  What are these lymphatic vessels, lymph fluid and lymph nodes that make up our lymphatic system?  Well along with your spleen the lymphatic system carries the white blood cells that defend you against germs.  Your bone marrow and thymus produce the cells in lymph.  They are all part of this important system…

Remember the blister on your heel?  It had clear fluid – that is your lymphatic fluid.  This fluid bathes every cell and ensures that they are able to get the care that they need.  The lymphatic system clears away infections and keeps your body fluids in balance.  When it’s not working properly (becoming toxic and sludge) fluid will build up in tissue and the nodes will swell called “swollen glands“.  The result of sludge fluid and a toxic lymph system is infections, leading to the worst – cancer.  The lymphatic system is the ‘garbage collector’ sucking up metabolic garbage and toxins from extracellular fluid of every organ! Critically important!

So how do we ensure that we keep our lymph fluids clean and flowing?  I want to talk about rebounding on a small trampoline.  You can Google ‘rebounding’ and get a ton of information that will be very helpful.  While you’re looking into that you can also search ‘body brushing’ – this is also another effective way to move lymph fluids.  Rebounding is by far the most effective.

You don’t have to be jumping off of the material on the small trampoline or rebounder – just keep your heals on the material and start to move your arms like a turkey trying to fly.  Start slowly when starting for just a few minute and later work up to 10 -15 minutes a day.  On the bottom cycle you will compress waste into the fluid and on the top of the cycle you will manually open the one way valves of the lymph vessels and move fluid into and through the lymph nodes – the lymphatic filters.  This opening and closing of the valves will move fluid through the nodes and accomplish a very important function.  My wife and I have been rebounding for over twenty years and I believe that it is the single most important reason for our health!  In our late 60’s we do not use any prescription drugs.

Remember when kids start bouncing on the bed?  The more they bounced the crazier they got!  That’s because they were producing endorphins…  When you rebound for about 5 minutes you will begin to produce endorphins and this will bring your mood up to a pleasing level.  When I am having a difficult day I will rebound several times…

Remember there are few things that you can do that would be better for your immune system than rebounding on a small trampoline.   There are all kinds available from elaborate to simple inexpensive ones.  A moderately priced one would probably be better than the cheapest one.  Enjoy this experience and make it a permanent part of your daily routine.  It will insure you a long healthy life!  Be blessed.

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Follow-up to Battery Powered Pain Relief! A Winner!

November 4, 2009 by Healthyhank

Just a follow-up to my last post regarding the battery pain relief setup…  it is fantastic!  My wife and I have used our set-up for a few months now and it is amazing how consistent the experience has been.

I found some soft conductive pads from an old “muscle” stimulator that had two pads joined together in one connection.  I extended that single connection to the negative terminal and we have that wire going down the center of the bed between us.  Each of us has one pad available and we use them during the night.  Since I have had damage in numerous areas I will have some pain during the night – when I awaken I put one of the pads on the area and usually go back to sleep or realise that after a few minutes the pain is gone.  My wife has experienced this many times.

My 7 year old grand daughter had a lung/throat infection and coughed all night keeping herself and my daughter up with her.  I suggested using their setup with one washer on her throat and one on her chest before going to bed the next night.  Sure enough the little one slept the entire night without coughing!

I know it sounds a bit weird for some of you however, if you want a very effective and very inexpensive pain solution for acute or chronic challenges pay attention to this information.  keep ion mind I sleep with full sheets that are connected to the earth – so these results are in addition to the electron flow from the earth.  You can email me with your address and I will email you soem sources for the components…  This is amazing!  Be blessed.

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