2010 Resolutions – Simple Ways to make and Keep Them!

January 6, 2010 by Healthyhank

Thanks to Bob’s Red Mill I share some thoughts of wisdom…

‘This year, we challenge you to keep your resolutions and find ways to make them work for you throughout the seasons. Here are some simple ways to make and keep your resolutions:

 Don’t make more resolutions than you can handle, and don’t make them bigger than your ability to achieve them.

 Start by looking at what you want to achieve with each resolution. What is the ultimate goal? Break that goal down into smaller and smaller steps until you have little, manageable goals. Next, set realistic timelines for each step toward your goal and go for it!

 (We’re sorry, we can’t remember where we found this one, but we liked it!) When you’ve got a dream that takes some serious financial responsibility (for example, a trip to Maui), measure each purchase against how nice it will feel to be in Maui. This could be applied to other goals, too.

 Make a list of possible challenges of reaching your goal, then brainstorm solutions to keep you on track. When you feel yourself drifting, revisit your list.

 Communicate your goals to someone and ask them to help keep you accountable. Write a blog post about them or convey your plans to a spouse or loved one.

At the beginning of each month, review the progress you’ve made toward your goal and renew your commitment to reaching it.’

And a thought from Hank…  May your 2010 be the best year of your life!  Remember that you will attract what you focus upon…  focus on lack and guess what?  You got it!  Also try this; record yourself for two days and then play the recording back – that is what you can expect!  🙁  The beauty of all of this is that we can control what we believe and perceive!  Be blessed.

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