Virgin Coconut Oil – Condemned in the 80’s – Now Honored – Finally!

February 6, 2010 by Healthyhank


When the “polyunsaturated” vegetable oil battles were being waged in the 70’s, I was being indoctrinated that all saturated oils were BAD!  Since I was a ‘younger’ (30’s) nutritional student I began to ‘buy into’ that theme.  However, I LOVED butter and believed that there was something wrong with the theory that ALL saturated fats were bad… 

By the early 80’s I had been properly schooled by ‘older people’ that something was wrong in ‘Denmark’ and the polyunsaturated movement was attached to the cholesterol fraud and that some saturated fats were fine.  Especially my butter.  My best breakfast was 3 eggs, a small amount of meat and some good bread – loaded with butter. 🙂 Check out why I was right! 

During the 80’s it was ‘declared’ by the ‘oil purveyors’ that the absolute worst saturated oils were coconut and palm oil!  Now that claim was not easily countered…  I didn’t pay much attention since I was not attracted to either oil.  Now keep in mind that for thousands of years cultures have used butter, tallow and suet from beef and lamb, lard from pigs, chicken, goose and duck fat, coconut, palm and palm kernel oils within very healthy communities. First caution sign? 

During this time the opposite was being belched out at us here in America; that polyunsaturated vegetable oils, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils, industrially processed liquid oil such as soy corn, safflower, cottonseed and canola oils were the only oils to use.  Keep in mind that Trans fatty acids were not a topic on the table…    

In the late 90’s I read some of Dr Mary Enig’s work and the truth began to come to me in clear crisp messages.  Confirmation to me that the cholesterol and saturated oil movement was one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated on a nation and the world.  Our grand mothers were right – eat your food as close to the way God made it and you’ll be ok!  If man has messed with it you lose! 

Back to virgin coconut oil… It is solid below 76 degrees, liquid above.  It is anti bacterial, anti viral, anti fungal, it will help raise HDL and lower LDL, it will increase metabolism and promote healthy thyroid function, help control blood sugars, it is fabulous for your skin and will correct skin problems, it won’t break down while cooking on high heat, it will help you lose weight and on and on!  Wow, what a list! Just make sure that it is processed the “old way” and is labeled “virgin”.  I use a few different suppliers depending on the sales – Tropical Traditions and Nutiva.  There are numerous others – Dr Mercola has a very ‘smooth’ product (search VCO). 

I can’t get into the details of why it is so good in the writing except that it primarily has to do with coconut oil having lauric acid.  Outside of mother’s milk coconut oils have the next highest amount.   Vegetable oils have long chain fatty acids (LCT) which are destructive while coconut oil has short and medium chain fatty acids (MCT) which are very healthy/powerful. 

Do some investigating about virgin coconut and coconut oils and you will find one of the most powerful natural gifts that have been given to us.  I personally take about three tablespoons a day.  I use it as butter, when I cook/fry, in anything that is hot – I look for opportunities to use more.  Simple solutions are what ‘Mother Nature” has brought us – man continues to create “business” by destroying the natural ways that we should eat and live.

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