Too Much Fructose Creates a Metabolic Disaster in Your Body!

December 21, 2010 by Healthyhank

Too much Fructose causes a myriad of challenges in our bodies…  here is a glimpse of where we have come from; in 1700 we averaged about 4 pounds of sugar per year, in 1800 about 18 pounds, in 1900 about 90 pounds and in 2009 about 180 pounds – about 1/2 pound per day!  The real challenge today is that we are not consuming ‘regular’ sugar – we are consuming mostly fructose in the form of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)

This metabolic disaster can be more easily understood by listening/watching Dr. Robert Lustig’s  Professor of Pediatrics at the University of California.  His lecture is a bit long however, very compelling!  Eating fructose is worse than eating fat!

The stress load that the liver receives is huge and one drink of soda is as damaging as a can of beer!  Image how many children have 3-5 cans of soda each day!  Few short years ago we did NOT have obese children, we did NOT have diabetes out of control in young children, we did NOT have 32% of adults obese, and children did NOT have high blood pressure challenges.  HFCS IS THE PROBLEM!

Fructose is turned into FAT (VLDL and triglycerides) which turns into fat on your bodyFructose elevates URIC acid (cause of gout), which decreases nitric oxide, raises angiotension and causes your smooth muscle cells to contract, raising your blood pressure and putting your kidneys at high risk.  4.5% of children now have high blood pressure!  Scary stuff!

Fructose tricks your body into gaining weight by fooling your metabolism.  It turns your body’s appetite control system OFF.  Your “hunger hormone” is left on while your “satiety hormone” is NOT turned ON.  This results in eating too much and then being hungry again very soon.

The list of health risks consuming fructose is very long.  Dr. Richard Johnson author of “The Sugar Fix: The High Fructose Fallout That is Making You Fat and Sick” makes a strong connection between excess fructose consumption and high uric acid (gout) levels.

Nancy Appleton, PhD, author of the book “Lick the Sugar Habit” has an extensive list (too long for this post) however, here are a few of the more important ones;

Sugar will suppress your immune system…

Sugar causes mineral deficiencies and interferes with absorption of calcium and magnesium…

Sugar causes hyperactivity, anxiety, concentration difficulties, produces increased levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol…

Sugar feeds cancer cells…

Sugar can cause gallstones, appendicitis, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, food allergies, emphysema and many more…  The suffering becomes obvious from consuming excess amounts of sugar especially in the form of fructose.

Wisdom always brings us back to the same place namely, moderation is very important and we should eat our foods in the most natural form that we can.  Please be careful as to the amount of your carbohydrate intake.  Remember that you intake 1 teaspoon of sugar for every 20 calories of carbohydrates.

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