“Earthing” – Reconnected to the Earth – Your Most Important Connection!

August 21, 2011 by Healthyhank

It’s been over six years now that I have been sleeping “Earthed” – that is, actually having my body connected to the earth itself while I sleep!  Actually while I’m typing this post my bare feet are touching a pad that has a wire connected to my ‘ground’ connection in my wall outlet.  This not only eliminates the inflammation in my body, its dramatically reduces the EMF from my computers etc. around me.

When I think about the crash that broke my back ten years ago at 60 and my work outs today, I just praise God for His touch and my learning about “Earthing”. This discovery that Clint Ober [go to the site and get the pdf of his book “Earthing”] had changed my life by eliminating the inflammation caused by my spinal injury and allowed me to experience an incredible recovery.  Read my story below…

It was a very windy day in 2001 and I was invited to go paragliding… being 60 years old at the time I was excited about the prospects of flying.  Six months earlier I had gone to a paragliding school and learned how to take off and land.  It was great fun!

Had I been a pilot of a small plane, I would have had a check list and would not have proceeded if things were out of order.  It was a blistery morning with gusts of wind that got your attention.  Instead of telling me to pass for the day, my mind got more excited!  I guess the “3rd puberty” thing was working again :). I was also having trouble remembering what to do from the training…

Well I took off nicely, went into the ‘cruising’ position and enjoyed quite a ride.  On my way to the target landing, I looked up to check the position of the sail and when I looked down – I hit the GROUND!  OMG! When I recovered a bit and realized that I could feel my toes, I knew that I had survived a very serious crash!

I was in considerable pain so I had x-rays taken and saw that I had broken L5 (lower back).  Not wanting to go to the hospital (reasons of survival) I rested for a number of weeks and thought that I had gotten through the crisis.  Some weeks later I began to have considerable pain radiating down my leg.  Really bad pain! I had an MRI done and saw an ugly picture of discs and vertebra’.  I had crushed L1 about 3/4″, another had a 3-4 mm bulge AND I had one disc out 4mm in one direction with 8mm of the disc hanging down facing the nerve root. I knew I was in trouble!  The doctor that had cared for me for 27 years would not touch me!  I was afraid!

I went to the VA and met who turned out to be a miracle surgeon – he knew what needed to be done but for some reason he wanted to wait! I was very unhappy at the time; however, it turned out to be a “miracle” moment.  This gave me time to re-think the vertebrae fusion and focused me back to God and healing. During the next four years I used everything that I had ever learned as a health coach (prayer, serious nutrition, aromatherapy, frequencies, inversion, chi machine, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, vibration therapy, and numerous others) and from a medical perspective I did well.  From a personal perspective I didn’t have a life! I was afraid of everything and had no idea of limits – I was miserable.

Now for the real miracle! My dear friend Sheila Curtiss introduced me to Clint Ober and his discovery of “Earthing“.  Simply put, he discovered what happens when our bare feet touch the earth. When he explained that we “pull” free electrons into our bodies from the earth, I went crazy!  I knew that “free electrons” were anti-oxidants that could knockout “free radicals” and that might reduce my nerve inflammation.  If my S1 nerve was inflamed and out of control I was on a morphine drip!

To make a long story shorter, my workout this morning (four years later) was as aggressive as before I broke my back!  There was no bedding product available then, so I used conductive patches with wires going out a hole in my wall to a stake in the ground.  Today I sleep in sheets with woven silver yarn and the silver is connected to a wire that goes to ground in my wall socket.  It’s like sleeping on the beach all night!

I have slept without inflammation in my body for over four years now and loving it.  We should have never been disconnected for the earth with the plastics and polymers that we are surrounded with these past 50 years.  When was the last time you touched the earth? If you have any questions please contact me – I have become an expert in this area.  Be well!

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