2012 Top ID Theft Tips of the Year…




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2012 Top ID Theft Tips of the Year…

December 8, 2012 by Healthyhank

2012 Top Tips of the Year

 As the year draws to a close, we revisit five of the top Investigator Tips shared during 2012.

1.      Nurture a Healthy Identity Theft Mindset.

Know that it can happen to you. We’ve taken calls from people who believed they couldn’t become a victim of identity theft. Their reasons: “I don’t use credit”; “I shred everything”; “I have bad credit”; “Everything’s in my spouse’s name”; and so on. The fact is anyone can become a victim and everyone needs to take steps to reduce their risk.

2.      Help Yourself to Strong Passwords.

Avoid the simple, widely-used choices for passwords. “12345,” “123456,” and “123456789” were the top three most common passwords found when 32 million passwords exposed by a social network hack were analyzed. The other passwords in the list of the top ten were: “iloveyou,” “princess,” “rockyou,” “1234567,” “12345678,” and “abc123.”

3.      The “Why” Behind the Tip.

Know when account statements arrive, and check them when received. If a statement doesn’t arrive as usual, it may mean that someone has called the financial institution involved, posed as you, changed the address on the account, and requested a new card. Call your financial institution to inquire about any late statements; ask if changes to the account were made recently.

4.      Take Steps to Secure Your Mobile Apps.

If your mobile device is lost or stolen, react quickly to minimize damage caused by unauthorized access to information on the device. Install a program that allows you to remotely wipe data from the device if it is lost or stolen.

5.      Beware of IRS-Themed Scams.

Do not respond to email messages that appear to be from the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS does not send taxpayers unsolicited emails about their tax accounts nor does it request detailed personal information through email.  Also beware of PayPal, Citi Corp other banks etc.

These materials are derived from the research and discovery activities of Kroll Advisory Solutions Fraud Specialists and Licensed Investigators, and have been gathered from personal, historical, and aggregated experience performing specialized restoration services on behalf of Identity Theft victims.  More information about ID and Legal protection.

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