2012 Top ID Theft Tips of the Year…

December 8, 2012 by Healthyhank

2012 Top Tips of the Year

 As the year draws to a close, we revisit five of the top Investigator Tips shared during 2012.

1.      Nurture a Healthy Identity Theft Mindset.

Know that it can happen to you. We’ve taken calls from people who believed they couldn’t become a victim of identity theft. Their reasons: “I don’t use credit”; “I shred everything”; “I have bad credit”; “Everything’s in my spouse’s name”; and so on. The fact is anyone can become a victim and everyone needs to take steps to reduce their risk.

2.      Help Yourself to Strong Passwords.

Avoid the simple, widely-used choices for passwords. “12345,” “123456,” and “123456789” were the top three most common passwords found when 32 million passwords exposed by a social network hack were analyzed. The other passwords in the list of the top ten were: “iloveyou,” “princess,” “rockyou,” “1234567,” “12345678,” and “abc123.”

3.      The “Why” Behind the Tip.

Know when account statements arrive, and check them when received. If a statement doesn’t arrive as usual, it may mean that someone has called the financial institution involved, posed as you, changed the address on the account, and requested a new card. Call your financial institution to inquire about any late statements; ask if changes to the account were made recently.

4.      Take Steps to Secure Your Mobile Apps.

If your mobile device is lost or stolen, react quickly to minimize damage caused by unauthorized access to information on the device. Install a program that allows you to remotely wipe data from the device if it is lost or stolen.

5.      Beware of IRS-Themed Scams.

Do not respond to email messages that appear to be from the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS does not send taxpayers unsolicited emails about their tax accounts nor does it request detailed personal information through email.  Also beware of PayPal, Citi Corp other banks etc.

These materials are derived from the research and discovery activities of Kroll Advisory Solutions Fraud Specialists and Licensed Investigators, and have been gathered from personal, historical, and aggregated experience performing specialized restoration services on behalf of Identity Theft victims.  More information about ID and Legal protection.

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Equal Justice Under the Law! How Do We Pay for It? Most of US are NOT Able…

December 3, 2012 by Healthyhank

Have you ever signed a contract that should have been reviewed?  Had a warranty challenge unresolved? The IRS decides to audit you?  Need a letter written on your behalf by an attorney?  You receive a speeding ticket!  You don’t have an up-to-date will!  Your teenager is accused of shoplifting.  Your dog bites a passerby.  You are subpoenaed.  You are called to jury duty.  Your landlord refuses to refund your cleaning deposit.  You decide to adopt.  Your neighbor’s dog barks all night.  Your teenager receives a speeding ticket.  Your identity is compromised or stolen.

The list goes on and on!  Most of these challenges are never brought to an attorney, BECAUSE at $300+ per hour it is NOT in our financial consciousness!  The “killer stress” that comes from a legal challenge can be overwhelming!  Fortunately there is a simple solution.  Its call Legal Shield.  When you become a member virtually all of the items mentioned above are available to you and your spouse for a small monthly fee.

Here is a simple example; I had an issue several months ago – I knew some of the answers, however, if I would have called my attorney to confirm and/or answer my questions it would have cost me at least $300 – $500.  I called my Legal Shield law firm late on a Friday afternoon – gave them my information and was told that someone would call me in the next 8 hours.  I assumed that it would be done Monday.  To my delight two hours later an attorney called – we talked for about 1/2 hour and all my questions were answered.  My entire year’s membership in Legal Shield was paid for with this one call.  I am also preparing the documents to update our wills – also covered under my membership.  I also have 24/7 emergency access to a Legal Shield attorney [they will answer within three rings].  This gives me such peace of mind especially for my wife in the evening hours!

Having been a health coach for the past 30 years I have seen time and time again how much destruction stress causes.  The damage done to our immune systems is absolute.  We all carry fire insurance, car insurance, and hopefully have health insurance…  HOWEVER, the vast majority cannot afford legal protection!  Legal Shield provides complete protection with legal access and also full ID Identity protection for a small monthly membership fee of $35.95 or less [varies among States].

Just a word about ID Theft… this is when someone uses you Social Security Number, license, medical information or financial transactions without your permission, ID Theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in North America today, almost 1/4 of all victims did not discover the crime for at least SIX months after it started!

If you have or are familiar with Life Lock here is a revelation that I learned about them – for all practical purposes LL MONITORS YOUR ‘credit’, however, when it comes to “repairing” your identity after it is stolen, you will be on your own.  The limit on their “insurance policy” is confusing at best.  The fines levied on LL by the Attorneys General in Arizona are for real reasons.  On the other hand, Legal Shield uses Kroll Advisory Services – the world’s largest risk management companies.  It not only monitors your identity, it will put into motion the repair necessary.

About 10 years ago I was involved with Legal Shield and recently decided to re-engage.  My adding LS to my folio of offensive/defensive tools make so much sense.  Since our stress loads are the largest component of getting a disease, we need to be proactive and eliminate one more level of attack/risk.  If you have any questions about Legal Shield please let me know.  If you would be interested in sharing these tools with your family/friends and/or associates please check out this as an additional income potential.

Be well and remember when it comes to our health and wellness we cannot rely on government agencies or the medical establishment!  We are really on our own.  Educate yourself and Live!

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