A Simple WEED is the most powerful medicine in the world! YES!

January 26, 2013 by Healthyhank

World War II started about when I was born in 1941… the main supplier of hemp had been Japan, so the US Government asked farmers to create their “Victory Farms” to grow much needed industrial hemp.  The reason that this was necessary was because in 1937 the government passed “The 1937 Marijuana Tax Act” and basically outlawed farmers from growing hemp.  Keep in mind that industrial hemp does NOT have the psychotic THC to “get high”!  Even industrial hemp is classified as a type one drug!

I wrote about hemp on my blog in 2010 covering the industrial uses and also the food value of hemp.   In this post I want to discuss the medical value of medical marijuana/cannabis!  Please start by watching the brief video by Dr. David Allen who is a retired cardiac surgeon who learned about THC and CBD’s [the chemical components of cannabis].  After watching his comments you will be more prepared to comprehend the magnitude of what I will be discussing.

Having been a health coach for 30+ years now, I have learned that just nutritional supplementation will NOT keep us from getting the aggressive diseases that we’re confronted with every day.  I have also learned that God has made our bodies healing system complete, IF it has the tools from foods that we eat.  In my opinion the help/aid that supplements bring to the table can be defensive/preventative weapons; however, very few IF ANY will be OFFENSIVE WEAPONS!

Since the industrial giants have ruined our farm lands and foods we have a very difficult time getting “foods that heal”!  As you have seen from Dr. Allen’s video hemp/cannabis is a plant that heals!  There is no doubt about this fact.  The research available is without question as to the healing characteristics of THC [+THCA] and CBD [cannabinoids].  It should be noted that the plant juiced green and/or consumed before heated or aged has NO psychotic affect – YET it is very powerful medicine!! There is a company in Colorado that has the CBD medicine made from industrial hemp [this is a legal product] with potent medicine!

Since I live in California [as in 16 other States] we have the ability to access or grow small amounts of the plants and have learned to make the essential oils of cannabis called Delta 9 [also called RSO oils].  Please watch the movie “Run from the Cure” by Rick Simpson who has taught the world about the medicinal oils available to all of us.

During these past four years we have seen this medicine/oils help many people… topical skin challenges, sleep challenges, serious internal tumor issues, neurotransmitter/nerve issues, cognitive abilities, just to mention a few.  This is also probably the best anti-aging substance on the planet!

It’s important to note that most ‘conservative’ people have a mental block when this topic comes up… that’s ok; just remember that you cannot even become a critic or skeptic UNTIL you have researched/studied the topic!  Einstein said “to condemn before investigation is the height of ignorance”

Ignoring this simple plant could cost you and/or your loved ones their lives.  Chemo, radiation and surgery success is dismal.  Some 87% of oncologists said that they would never use their medicine!

Times are changing regarding hemp [this should be the largest cash crop in the country] and farming.  There are 27 States that have petitioned the government to allow farms to grow the industrial hemp.  Please read my post about the uses of industrial hemp on my blog.  One that I love is that Henry Ford built a car body that you could NOT dent even with a sledge hammer! 🙂

I guarantee you that if American History had been told/taught properly; about the Louisiana Purchase and the War of 1812 and the role that industrial hemp played – it would have been a VERY interesting topic!  I would not have been as bored! 🙂

The following links are the ones embedded in some of the copy:

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Please remember; if you ever have any questions please call or write.  Be well, educate yourself and live!

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