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Medical Marijuana Follow-up…

September 13, 2013 by Healthyhank

This plant is without a doubt the most amazing plant on earth!  I knew quite a bit about the nutrition and the industrial side of the hemp plant when I wrote in my blog in June and July of 2010. I was in the process on learning/confirming about the medical side…  January 2013 I wrote a post about the medical side of cannabis and my purpose here is to update that with more information that will allow you to expand your opinion/education of this plant named Cannabis.

The first link is from the cable program “Wealth Channel”.  This is an hour long documentary about the history and status of the medical use of the cannabis plant.  This is a much better piece than the program that Dr. Gupta CNN’s chief medical correspondent made after he apologized for a week about not doing enough research and “buying into” the Governments disinformation about Medical Marijuana… 

The Wealth channel has numerous examples of the long term success using cannabis.  You will be shocked when you find that the US Government via the University of Mississippi has been supplying marijuana to some patients for the past thirty years!  Irvin Rosenfeld has a rare bone disease that grows tumors on his bones.  He receives hundreds of ‘joints’ a month from the government!

You will also be amazed to learn about Kathy Jordon who has ALS [Lou Gehrig’s disease] for the past 30 years and has outlived some of her doctors.  Only smoking two ‘joints’ a day her ALS is arrested to the same level that it was 25 years ago!

Another very important part of the more recent information about Medical Marijuana is the affect on seizures!  This video link shows interviews with two mothers about their children and their epilepsy disease.  Charlotte and Zaki both have suffered with seizures [up to 20 – 30+ per hour] for many years of their lives!  After their first dose of the “cannabis oil” the seizures stopped or diminished 97%!

BTW the oil from this particular plant has ‘0’ psychotic effect because the plant has less than 1/2% THC and 17% CBD’s.  Even if you tried, you could not get “high” with this plant! There are now more than 35 children [over 200 waiting] in Colorado using this plant and getting astounding results…

The group in Colorado growing this special low THC and high CBD plant is named the Realm of Caring Foundation.  View the stories of children AND an adult that have received serious results using the plant that has NO psychotic effect!

For the sake of you and your family please educate yourself about the possibilities of wellness using this plant!  If you are in a State that allows MM you have the power to protect your family from most medical challenges!  If not go to Dixiex.com for CBD’s in tincture form that can be mailed to you…  Be well.


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