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March 31, 2014 by Healthyhank

Around the time I began taking Zeal I noticed that my ability to build lean muscle mass [very tough at 74] really improved. My wife and daughters have also tried this great product and have seen results! Seeing how my family has benefitted from this product and considering all of the ‘things’ that we took previously I was impressed. After years of trying everything we have finally found a natural, All-in-one, convenient nutritional supplement that works for us. In fact this formula brought me out of Network Marketing retirement!

There is no question in my mind that this is the most powerful formula that I have ever encountered! Please note: Zeal Wellness formula does NOT cure! The real miracle is how our bodies can perform when it has the tools that it needs!

If you have any family members struggling with health challenges, all I can say is “What if Zeal Wellness could make a difference for them? Shouldn’t you at least try it for a few months?”

You can send me your email at and I will send you more information. You can get some samples to try… A website to go to for information is

Educate yourself and live… one of my strengths is that I never quit searching for solutions!   I am so grateful that solutions find me.    🙂  Be well.

Zeal Wellness contains the following ingredients (by weight):

  • Stabilized Rice Bran – the most nutrient dense food on the planet
  • Moringa oleifera powder – powerful nutrients from the Moringa tree (named Tree of Life)
  • Gotu kola – exceptional nutrition for brain and skin
  • Alfalfa (leaf) powder – with a nutritional profile similar to blood
  • Chlorella – chelates heavy metals as well as provides great protein
  • Broccoli (sprout) extract – terrific disease fighting nutrition
  • Cranberry powder – antioxidants (incl. proanthocyanins), great for kidneys
  • Milk thistle extract – improves liver function and glutathione production
  • Bacopa extract – extremely powerful brain nutrition, turns on gene expression
  • Ashwagandha – great nutrition for memory and counteracting stress
  • Green tea extract – polyphenols, catechins and other powerful nutrients
  • Wild blueberry powder – antioxidants (incl. anthocyanins)
  • Turmeric extract – world’s healthiest food,      anti-inflammatory, antioxidants
  • Red ginseng – a superior adaptogen (increases your energy and stamina)
  • Grape seed extract – antioxidants and proanthocyanidins
  • Yerba mate – tremendous nutrition, weight loss and energy benefits
  • Kudzu – helps with overcoming desire for sugar and alcohol
  • Fennel – great for digestion, skin and bone health
  • Aloe Vera powder – powerful healing nutrition
  • Aloe polysaccharide concentrate – functional healing glycoproteins
  • Goji Berry extract – antioxidants (incl. carotenoids, proanthocyanis)
  • Acai Berry powder – antioxidants (incl. anthocyanins), protein & fatty acids
  • Noni juice powder – powerful antioxidants and nutrients
  • Ionic minerals – elemental, assimilable minerals
  • Fulvic minerals – organic, assimilable minerals
  • And more – natural vitamins, prebiotics and fiber…

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