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May 5, 2015 by Healthyhank

This month marks my sixth year of research on the topic of this plant! In my thirty five years of researching nutrition and ‘alternative’ healing methods, there has NEVER been a more exciting, encouraging, and hopeful topic than Cannabis! Obtaining knowledge about this plant can literally save the lives of yourself and your family! My interest is primarily in the oils from the plant.

This post contains some complete and profound connections to answers and provides information easily accessed. Places like YouTube provide virtually everything one would need to become independent of the medical establishment for health solutions. The challenge is absorbing such an array of presentations. My objective in this blog post is to streamline your efforts to achieve your success.

In order to quickly dispel any doubt that there are medical health benefits in cannabis, know that there was a US Government patent US6630507 issued to the National Institute of Health [NIH] in 2003! The health benefits claimed in the patent remove ANY question as to whether cannabis has value regarding health…

Just to add additional proof of health benefits is a group of 20 case studies of cancer cases

In 2013, 2014 and 2015 CNN created three documentaries that are quite good. Note the progression of statements and claims as the years progressed. Weed 2013, Weed 2014, Weed 2015. Enjoy…

One of the things that most do not understand is that our Creator made us with an ‘Endocannaboidal’ System. Meaning that we create cannabinoids everyday to live and function normally. New born babies know how to ‘suck’ because their mother created cannabinoids creating the ‘munchies’… The Endocannabinoid System: An Overview

The National Cancer Institute [NCI] is an important government organization compiling just about everything and claim that they are the premier source for cancer information. Unfortunately much of the ‘research’ done on cannabis by the government uses synthetic marijuana… Cannabis and Cannabinoids (PDQ®) – National Cancer Institute

The entire plant has over 420 compounds and at least 66 cannabinoids. Most know about THC [that is where the ‘high’ comes from]. Our bodies have two main receptor sites named CB1 and CB2. CB1 goes directly to the brain [the ‘high’] and CB2 to the immune system. All cells have these sites. The entire plant yields medical results. When the leaves are eaten before the plant is either dried or heated [eating the leaves] will give all of the medical benefits WITHOUT any psychotic affect! Eaten rather than smoked. The Entourage Effect: Whole-Plant Cannabis Medicine.

Just in the past two years the pediatric world has proven that this plant may be the most important solution regarding epileptic seizures. Watching children who have suffered and knowing that many have died is almost too much to take! The demonstration of Charlotte [a twin that had dozens of seizures daily since birth and almost died numerous times] and her turn around since her first dose of cannabis oil is beyond amazing! Medical Marijuana and Pediatric Epilepsy Josh Stanley. Medical Cannabis owns this epileptic seizure!

Politicians MUST educate themselves about the medical side of cannabis and NOT continue in their ignorance allowing so many to suffer and/or die!! Anyone that refuses to learn about cannabis merely proves their arrogance and ignorance!

A closing observation; note the number of deaths from cannabis – NONE! Causes of deaths.

Please share this information as much as possible – there is so much suffering and so many people dying unnecessarily. Be well.

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