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Electrial blockages in our meridians cause us untold challenges - EFT gives us the tool to unblock these meridians



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EFT – You Can Control the Emotional Side of Your Wellness!

December 1, 2009 by Healthyhank

Remember when a smell reminded you of an event or experience that happened years ago?  Remember a music tune that triggered an old memory?  Remember the pain when you saw a photo from years ago?  The taste – The smell – The image – The sound – The touch – it goes on and on…

Listening to a lecture by Dr Bruce Lipton years ago brought a scary revelation; when we are hit with a heavy stress load we can produce the same chemical that would be given to us to suppress our immune system after having an organ transplant!  Wow, did that ever make me change what I allow into my mental world!

Most of what dictates how we function/react/act was given to us between the years from birth to 12 years of age…  from raw input to mild discernment.  That’s why high school starts after ~12 years of age when we begin to discern things.  Think about this for a moment; how does the shirt on your back feel?  Before I asked you weren’t thinking about that feeling.  We have about 4 billion bits of information going on at all times and can only consciously handle about 2000.  The rest is going on whether we like it or not… this ‘rules’ us to various degrees.

When we had difficult or even terrible experiences whether young or older, they can even now be very disruptive and damaging.  Post Traumatic Distress Disorder PTSD does not happen just to Vietnam or Iraqi vets…  they happen from an accident, a rape, sexual/physical/emotional abuse and numerous other experiences.  When some of these things are recalled we ‘feel’ like we are “in the movie” real time!  This reoccurring experience can and will have that chemical produced that I talked about from Dr Lipton’s lecture.  Very damaging!

When we remember something and it triggers an emotional negative thought that quickly ramps up to an 8 or 10 on a scale of 10 – that is destructive!  The reason that it ‘ramped’ up so quickly is that; it’s like throwing a screw driver in the back of a TV – there is a zaaaap!  Well, we had an electrical disruption in one of our meridians (where subtle energy travels) related to that negative thought.  We must learn to diffuse these errant connections and get rid of that ‘screw driver’!

Gary Craig developed “EFT” Emotional Freedom Technique in the early 90’s. (Watch free videos) I became a practitioner a couple of years ago and for the first months after my first training I just worked on ME…  I was able to “surgically” remove ‘stuff’ that had bothered me since childhood.  I have since been able to teach many client and even my grandkids how to use this simple yet profound method of fixing these electrical disruptions.  Imagine kids that won’t have to carry “baggage” through their lives.

Just using our fingertips (acupuncture without needles) after a proper set-up and emotional positioning, we tap on these meridian points.  It’s amazing that after a short period of time we see these sometimes major challenges (some having been carried for many years) dissolve before our eyes!  In all my 30 years of being a health coach I had not heard nor seen of such profound emotional healing.  Learn more about this and control the emotional side of YOUR wellness!  If I can help you – call on me. Be blessed.

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