The Most Powerful Nutritional Formula Ever…

March 31, 2014 by Healthyhank

Around the time I began taking Zeal I noticed that my ability to build lean muscle mass [very tough at 74] really improved. My wife and daughters have also tried this great product and have seen results! Seeing how my family has benefitted from this product and considering all of the ‘things’ that we took previously I was impressed. After years of trying everything we have finally found a natural, All-in-one, convenient nutritional supplement that works for us. In fact this formula brought me out of Network Marketing retirement!

There is no question in my mind that this is the most powerful formula that I have ever encountered! Please note: Zeal Wellness formula does NOT cure! The real miracle is how our bodies can perform when it has the tools that it needs!

If you have any family members struggling with health challenges, all I can say is “What if Zeal Wellness could make a difference for them? Shouldn’t you at least try it for a few months?”

You can send me your email at and I will send you more information. You can get some samples to try… A website to go to for information is

Educate yourself and live… one of my strengths is that I never quit searching for solutions!   I am so grateful that solutions find me.    🙂  Be well.

Zeal Wellness contains the following ingredients (by weight):

  • Stabilized Rice Bran – the most nutrient dense food on the planet
  • Moringa oleifera powder – powerful nutrients from the Moringa tree (named Tree of Life)
  • Gotu kola – exceptional nutrition for brain and skin
  • Alfalfa (leaf) powder – with a nutritional profile similar to blood
  • Chlorella – chelates heavy metals as well as provides great protein
  • Broccoli (sprout) extract – terrific disease fighting nutrition
  • Cranberry powder – antioxidants (incl. proanthocyanins), great for kidneys
  • Milk thistle extract – improves liver function and glutathione production
  • Bacopa extract – extremely powerful brain nutrition, turns on gene expression
  • Ashwagandha – great nutrition for memory and counteracting stress
  • Green tea extract – polyphenols, catechins and other powerful nutrients
  • Wild blueberry powder – antioxidants (incl. anthocyanins)
  • Turmeric extract – world’s healthiest food,      anti-inflammatory, antioxidants
  • Red ginseng – a superior adaptogen (increases your energy and stamina)
  • Grape seed extract – antioxidants and proanthocyanidins
  • Yerba mate – tremendous nutrition, weight loss and energy benefits
  • Kudzu – helps with overcoming desire for sugar and alcohol
  • Fennel – great for digestion, skin and bone health
  • Aloe Vera powder – powerful healing nutrition
  • Aloe polysaccharide concentrate – functional healing glycoproteins
  • Goji Berry extract – antioxidants (incl. carotenoids, proanthocyanis)
  • Acai Berry powder – antioxidants (incl. anthocyanins), protein & fatty acids
  • Noni juice powder – powerful antioxidants and nutrients
  • Ionic minerals – elemental, assimilable minerals
  • Fulvic minerals – organic, assimilable minerals
  • And more – natural vitamins, prebiotics and fiber…

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Equal Justice Under the Law! How Do We Pay for It? Most of US are NOT Able…

December 3, 2012 by Healthyhank

Have you ever signed a contract that should have been reviewed?  Had a warranty challenge unresolved? The IRS decides to audit you?  Need a letter written on your behalf by an attorney?  You receive a speeding ticket!  You don’t have an up-to-date will!  Your teenager is accused of shoplifting.  Your dog bites a passerby.  You are subpoenaed.  You are called to jury duty.  Your landlord refuses to refund your cleaning deposit.  You decide to adopt.  Your neighbor’s dog barks all night.  Your teenager receives a speeding ticket.  Your identity is compromised or stolen.

The list goes on and on!  Most of these challenges are never brought to an attorney, BECAUSE at $300+ per hour it is NOT in our financial consciousness!  The “killer stress” that comes from a legal challenge can be overwhelming!  Fortunately there is a simple solution.  Its call Legal Shield.  When you become a member virtually all of the items mentioned above are available to you and your spouse for a small monthly fee.

Here is a simple example; I had an issue several months ago – I knew some of the answers, however, if I would have called my attorney to confirm and/or answer my questions it would have cost me at least $300 – $500.  I called my Legal Shield law firm late on a Friday afternoon – gave them my information and was told that someone would call me in the next 8 hours.  I assumed that it would be done Monday.  To my delight two hours later an attorney called – we talked for about 1/2 hour and all my questions were answered.  My entire year’s membership in Legal Shield was paid for with this one call.  I am also preparing the documents to update our wills – also covered under my membership.  I also have 24/7 emergency access to a Legal Shield attorney [they will answer within three rings].  This gives me such peace of mind especially for my wife in the evening hours!

Having been a health coach for the past 30 years I have seen time and time again how much destruction stress causes.  The damage done to our immune systems is absolute.  We all carry fire insurance, car insurance, and hopefully have health insurance…  HOWEVER, the vast majority cannot afford legal protection!  Legal Shield provides complete protection with legal access and also full ID Identity protection for a small monthly membership fee of $35.95 or less [varies among States].

Just a word about ID Theft… this is when someone uses you Social Security Number, license, medical information or financial transactions without your permission, ID Theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in North America today, almost 1/4 of all victims did not discover the crime for at least SIX months after it started!

If you have or are familiar with Life Lock here is a revelation that I learned about them – for all practical purposes LL MONITORS YOUR ‘credit’, however, when it comes to “repairing” your identity after it is stolen, you will be on your own.  The limit on their “insurance policy” is confusing at best.  The fines levied on LL by the Attorneys General in Arizona are for real reasons.  On the other hand, Legal Shield uses Kroll Advisory Services – the world’s largest risk management companies.  It not only monitors your identity, it will put into motion the repair necessary.

About 10 years ago I was involved with Legal Shield and recently decided to re-engage.  My adding LS to my folio of offensive/defensive tools make so much sense.  Since our stress loads are the largest component of getting a disease, we need to be proactive and eliminate one more level of attack/risk.  If you have any questions about Legal Shield please let me know.  If you would be interested in sharing these tools with your family/friends and/or associates please check out this as an additional income potential.

Be well and remember when it comes to our health and wellness we cannot rely on government agencies or the medical establishment!  We are really on our own.  Educate yourself and Live!

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Your Home Pharmacy – Emergency Freedom!

November 23, 2012 by Healthyhank

Thanks for reading my posts.  I had such a response of interest in the Home Pharmacy I wanted to let everyone have it available.  Your comments, feedback and interests are important to me…  Hank

Home Pharmacy:

First Aid Book, Baking soda, Nascent iodine, apple cider vinegar, ‘hot’ cayenne pepper and/or cayenne tincture, [will stop a heart attack, stroke or arterial rupture], coconut oil [{reverse Alzheimer’s}, internal, cooking, topical], learn about Urine Therapy [free and could save your life, i.e. if you had a poisonous bite or nut allergy, put drops of your urine on your tongue about ½ minute plus after bite, the two lymph node sensors in the lower jaw/mouth will evaluate the challenge/need and tell your body to create the antidote!  Need to get past the yuk factor :-)] see [this is a long interview – the first 30 minutes is strong] See “The Water of Life” by JW Armstrong, toxin remover [powdered zeolite can also be used as a wound healer], distilled water, aspirin, essential oil of helichryisum [pain reliever], peppermint [indigestion], ear drops, rubbing alcohol, salt, colloidal silver, Hydrogen Peroxide, Epson salts, vitamin d3 [50,000 IU take 100,000 IU for 5 days if flu attack], ginger [cramps, gut pain, gas], Ipecac Syrup [induce vomiting], Agrisept-L [kill herpes, parasites, fungus, staphylococcus, E. Coli, Tourista], ibuprofen, oil of garlic [ear aches], soy sauce [for burns], Vaseline, lip balm, suntan lotion, emergency bandages, gauze and tape [size assortment], knife, scissor, razor, fire starting stone/flint, waterproof matches, candles, blankets, warm clothes, enema bag, male and female catheters, d-mannose[Douglas Labs for UT infection], extra eye glasses…

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We All Need an Emergency Preparation Plan… Here is One for You!

November 6, 2012 by Healthyhank


What does it take to be a self survivalist?  It takes more than just supplies and information; it takes a mindset that will take us out of the ‘box’ that we live in and enter into an open minded place that will not be satisfied with status quo…  Know one thing; we are on our own!

When you evaluate emergencies of various sorts we see patterns that seem to always reoccur.  The common risk elements are usually related to FEAR!  Fear of the known and the unknown…

Fear can be replaced with calm/peace when you are prepared and trained.  Knowledge will help however, without the experience of a successful or even failed event you will never know how you will respond/react!

It is critical for you all to know that you MUST practice and plan for difficult events.  When you see the results of how most people have prepared for disasters you can see why this process should be taken seriously. 

Where do you start?  Take a blank piece of paper and draw a line down the middle top to bottom.  List the weaknesses on the left and the strengths on the right.  Then think about a scenario where you will NOT be able to leave your home for three weeks…

List the various ingredients of your strengths and weakness’ and you will have a good picture of how you could fare.  The goal would be to NOT have to rely on Government agencies help during the first weeks of a challenge.

My list starts with personal safety, if someone attacks me and my family it won’t matter if I’m getting ill/sick.  The question is what will work for you?  Do you have most of these items?

Survival Hand Book                                     Protection

Clothing                                                       Water

Food                                                             Medicine

Home Pharmacy                                          Cash/Barter

Valuable Papers                                         Power                                                                                                 

Vehicle                                                          Tent/Tarp                                                       

Sanitation                                                     Tools

This is a broad list of categories and I will elaborate on somewhat – remember more of these items  on hand [bartering] is better.


Firearms and ammunition, knives, baseball bats, wasp/hornet spray [gives you 20 feet of protection], mace, sling shots, fire extinguishers, safe rooms, lights/lamps, axes and hatchets, battery or crank radio, whistles, walkie talkies.


Warm clothes of every kind [wool], rubber boots, work boots, blankets.


[1 gal per person per day], water filters, Clorox bleach [1:9 bleach/water as a disinfectant, 16 drops bleach to gallon water].


Nutrition [Emergen-C packets are excellent], MRI’s, dried 10# food cans [do not buy soy protein isolates!] Emergency Essentials  very good source of flash dried foods, propane with heater head/cook stove, fuel, solar oven, hand can openers, garbage bags [many], dried milk, salt, sugar, rice, beans, wheat, coconut oil [cooking and eating], garlic, spices, baking supplies, flour, yeast, honey/syrups, baby supplies, charcoal, liter fluid, garden seeds [non-GMO], cups, plates, utensils.


Individuals who need medicine need to pay special attention to having extra prescriptions on hand.

Home Pharmacy:

This is critical.  Baking soda, Nascent iodine, apple cider vinegar, ‘hot’ cayenne pepper, coconut oil, learn about Urine Therapy [free and could save your life, i.e. if you had a poisonous bite or nut allergy, put drops of your urine on your tongue about ½ minute after bite, the two lymph nodes in the lower jaw/mouth will evaluate the challenge/need and tell the body to create the antidote!], toxin remover [powdered zeolite can also be used as a wound healer], distilled water, emergency bandages [large assortment], knife, scissor, fire starting stone/flint, waterproof matches, candles, blankets, warm clothes.


It’s important to have as much small denomination money on hand, money orders, barter items can include; toilet paper, candy, powdered milk, flour, lighter fluid.

Valuable Papers:

Picture ID, passports, licenses, copies of utility bill, car registration [to prove your residence], water proof bags to protect.


Solar charging unit, generators, fuel, flash light batteries of all sizes [buy furthest-out ex-dates], propane tanks with ‘heater’ heads, fire wood [dried – 6 months old].


Always have your vehicle with at least half full tank, provides shelter, and you probably can’t go far anyway.

Temporary Housing:

Tents [pop up and/or large], large tarps and poles, stakes, nails, rope/twine, spikes, mosquito coils/repellent, knives, duct tape [lots], garden tools, axe, sledge hammer.


Large garbage bags, portable toilet, toilet paper, male and female hygiene items, Kleenex, paper towels, garbage cans – with wheels if possible, duct tape [lots], portable showers/toilet, soap, cloth, toilet paper, feminine hygiene, clothes pins.


Fire extinguishers [or large box of baking soda in each room], hammer, pliers, screw driver, bow saw, work boots, garden tools, axes, hatchets

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2010 Resolutions – Simple Ways to make and Keep Them!

January 6, 2010 by Healthyhank

Thanks to Bob’s Red Mill I share some thoughts of wisdom…

‘This year, we challenge you to keep your resolutions and find ways to make them work for you throughout the seasons. Here are some simple ways to make and keep your resolutions:

 Don’t make more resolutions than you can handle, and don’t make them bigger than your ability to achieve them.

 Start by looking at what you want to achieve with each resolution. What is the ultimate goal? Break that goal down into smaller and smaller steps until you have little, manageable goals. Next, set realistic timelines for each step toward your goal and go for it!

 (We’re sorry, we can’t remember where we found this one, but we liked it!) When you’ve got a dream that takes some serious financial responsibility (for example, a trip to Maui), measure each purchase against how nice it will feel to be in Maui. This could be applied to other goals, too.

 Make a list of possible challenges of reaching your goal, then brainstorm solutions to keep you on track. When you feel yourself drifting, revisit your list.

 Communicate your goals to someone and ask them to help keep you accountable. Write a blog post about them or convey your plans to a spouse or loved one.

At the beginning of each month, review the progress you’ve made toward your goal and renew your commitment to reaching it.’

And a thought from Hank…  May your 2010 be the best year of your life!  Remember that you will attract what you focus upon…  focus on lack and guess what?  You got it!  Also try this; record yourself for two days and then play the recording back – that is what you can expect!  🙁  The beauty of all of this is that we can control what we believe and perceive!  Be blessed.

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