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The Water of Life! This Could Save Your Life! And It’s Free!

July 10, 2013 by Healthyhank

Many years ago [1958] I was in the Navy and was curious about prisoners of war survival.  I was also preparing myself to join the UDT [underwater demolition team] and was learning about survival methods.  In these searches I learned about people drinking their urine and how that fluid saved their lives.  My initial reaction was like yours – Yuck!

Only knowledge will move you through that :-).  For many years I continued to hear and read about encounters with injuries, emergencies, survival stories and just the simple use of UT [Urine Therapy] in infections etc.  Surfers have used their urine to heal/neutralize jelly fish stings for years!

It’s important to me that I give my perspective about UT and the opportunity to have this in your arsenal for health and survival!  When you do your homework on this topic, you will take the control of your health [especially in emergencies], to a much higher level! 

 UT has been used for centuries in various cultures.  It has been argued that it cannot be right to take back into the body something which the body is apparently discarding.  Yet this objection ignores the principle of COMPOSTING as practiced by organic gardeners.  Rotting dead leaves and vegetables, when blended back into the soil, provide valuable mineral salts to nourish new plant life.  The same principle holds good for the human body.

Please go to and purchase the book by John Armstrong “The Water of Life”.  Disregard the various cover colors – the original was printed in 1937.  Reading his work shows us that the battle of “disease management” was alive and well 75 years ago!  Another very short book to consider is “The Choice Is Clear” by Allen E. Banik. 

I remember reading a small hard cover book 25 years ago [don’t remember the name] that railed about the downfall of the Nation’s health because of the pharmaceutical industryThe book was written in 1886!  Reading it today, you would not have to change much!  The populous today is extremely toxic beyond what anyone could imagine!  Virtually all auto immune diseases have toxins as its foundation.

Let’s look at some basics; our urine is processed through the most sophisticated distiller that exists – our kidneys.  The fluid we call urine is an incredible solution that has many attributes that we probably never knew about.  It is probably the ‘cleanest’ fluid on the planet!

Here is another perspective; while a woman is carrying her baby in the first three months the fluids that the fetus is living in are primarily hers.  The next six months the fluids are primarily the fetus’ urine!  Obviously not ‘toxic/dirty water’…  The kidneys are the most efficient distiller in existence!  Urine is probably the most pure fluid on earth.  Most high end cosmetics use ‘urea’ extensively since there are few substances on earth that are better for healing skin tissue!

Here is a statement that will stretch you a bit!  If you had a poisonous bite/sting or nut allergy, put drops of your urine on your tongue about ½ minute plus after bite/reaction, the lymph node sensors in the lower jaw/mouth/tongue will evaluate the challenge/need and tell the body to create the antidote/solution!  Go to – this lengthy [2+ hours] interview has powerful information on ‘distilled water’ [just the first ½ hour is powerful].

The range of healing solutions that UT can bring to the table is astounding!  Cancer, common cold, rheumatism, arthritis, obesity, prostate challenge, pyorrhea and the list goes on and on!  The critics of UT have very weak cases and are $$ motivated in my opinion.  Remember there is NO money to be made with UT!

Educate yourself and live!

Virgin Coconut Oil – Condemned in the 80’s – Now Honored – Finally!

February 6, 2010 by Healthyhank


When the “polyunsaturated” vegetable oil battles were being waged in the 70’s, I was being indoctrinated that all saturated oils were BAD!  Since I was a ‘younger’ (30’s) nutritional student I began to ‘buy into’ that theme.  However, I LOVED butter and believed that there was something wrong with the theory that ALL saturated fats were bad… 

By the early 80’s I had been properly schooled by ‘older people’ that something was wrong in ‘Denmark’ and the polyunsaturated movement was attached to the cholesterol fraud and that some saturated fats were fine.  Especially my butter.  My best breakfast was 3 eggs, a small amount of meat and some good bread – loaded with butter. 🙂 Check out why I was right! 

During the 80’s it was ‘declared’ by the ‘oil purveyors’ that the absolute worst saturated oils were coconut and palm oil!  Now that claim was not easily countered…  I didn’t pay much attention since I was not attracted to either oil.  Now keep in mind that for thousands of years cultures have used butter, tallow and suet from beef and lamb, lard from pigs, chicken, goose and duck fat, coconut, palm and palm kernel oils within very healthy communities. First caution sign? 

During this time the opposite was being belched out at us here in America; that polyunsaturated vegetable oils, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils, industrially processed liquid oil such as soy corn, safflower, cottonseed and canola oils were the only oils to use.  Keep in mind that Trans fatty acids were not a topic on the table…    

In the late 90’s I read some of Dr Mary Enig’s work and the truth began to come to me in clear crisp messages.  Confirmation to me that the cholesterol and saturated oil movement was one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated on a nation and the world.  Our grand mothers were right – eat your food as close to the way God made it and you’ll be ok!  If man has messed with it you lose! 

Back to virgin coconut oil… It is solid below 76 degrees, liquid above.  It is anti bacterial, anti viral, anti fungal, it will help raise HDL and lower LDL, it will increase metabolism and promote healthy thyroid function, help control blood sugars, it is fabulous for your skin and will correct skin problems, it won’t break down while cooking on high heat, it will help you lose weight and on and on!  Wow, what a list! Just make sure that it is processed the “old way” and is labeled “virgin”.  I use a few different suppliers depending on the sales – Tropical Traditions and Nutiva.  There are numerous others – Dr Mercola has a very ‘smooth’ product (search VCO). 

I can’t get into the details of why it is so good in the writing except that it primarily has to do with coconut oil having lauric acid.  Outside of mother’s milk coconut oils have the next highest amount.   Vegetable oils have long chain fatty acids (LCT) which are destructive while coconut oil has short and medium chain fatty acids (MCT) which are very healthy/powerful. 

Do some investigating about virgin coconut and coconut oils and you will find one of the most powerful natural gifts that have been given to us.  I personally take about three tablespoons a day.  I use it as butter, when I cook/fry, in anything that is hot – I look for opportunities to use more.  Simple solutions are what ‘Mother Nature” has brought us – man continues to create “business” by destroying the natural ways that we should eat and live.

See “About Hank” for FDA & FTC disclosure…

IODINE! 100 Year Old Medicine!

July 23, 2009 by Healthyhank

Over one hundred years ago Iodine was a front line medicine!  Discovered in 1811, it was first used medically for goiter (swelling of the thyroid) treatments.  Early in the 1900’s Midwestern states had a high rate of goiter as nearly 40% of children had enlarged thyroid glands.  The RDA in this country for iodine is only designed to prevent goiter.

Most of us with grey hair used iodine for cuts and bruises.  Many of us knew that the thyroid relies on iodine to function; however, most of us do not really understand the real importance of iodine’s function in our bodies.  It is involved in every function and is also anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal!! It also assists in removing fluoride and bromine.

Thanks to David Brownstein, MD for his awesome book “Iodine Why You Need It – Why You Can’t Live Without It” [A MUST READ] and the work of other pioneer doctors like Guy Abraham, MD and David Derry, MD.  They and other researchers like Mark Sircus, OMD are bringing Iodine back to the position of importance that it deserves.

Medicinal iodine needs to be in every home pharmacy – period.  These next few paragraphs are intended for you to just get a glimpse of how important iodine is to you and your family.  It literally could save your life or at the very least improve your quality of life.

Our thyroids CANNOT function without sufficient supplies of iodine.  In women, the thyroid stores the most with the ovaries and breasts 2nd and 3rd.  When the pituitary gland releases thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) it stimulates the thyroid to release thyroxine (T4).  Triiodothyronine (T3) is converted from T4 and the metabolic functions begin.  Without sufficient levels of iodine a poorly functioning thyroid can result in goiter, increased autoimmune problems, ADD, breast diseases, migraine headaches and numerous others.  Remember the thyroid gland is responsible for producing every hormone in our body.

The relationship between breast/prostate cancer and iodine deficiencies is still somewhat controversial; however when you study the research available you will probably conclude as I have that the evidence is overwhelming.  Since testing is so simple it is foolish not to test.  Dr Brownstein has his patients take 50 mg of Iodoral iodine and then collect urine for 24 hours.  Measuring the amount of iodine in the urine tells how much the body “kept” because it needed the iodine.  Over 90% of his patients tested were iodine deficient!

I do it a bit differently; I get plain ole 1% iodine from the drug store and ‘paint’ a 3 inch square spot on my forearm and watch it for the day and determine when it disappeared.  If it stayed all day I probably have enough iodine.  I’ve known of people that it was gone in two hours!  I use nascent iodine drops from Magnascent

Getting iodine from foods is difficult since most farm lands are deficient and only seaport cities have populations that can get the correct amounts.  Table salt  🙁 has a very small amount.  Sea salt  🙂 would be better.  The goiter and breast/prostate cancer challenges in the Midwest are much higher than that of seaports.  You will need to supplement…

When I first read Dr Brownstein’s book some years ago I became very angry…  As a health coach I speak with many women that are on thyroid medication and I ask them if their doctors had checked their iodine levels?  99% say NO!  That is crazy!  The thyroid cannot function if the iodine levels are insufficient!  Contact me if you need help!

Educate yourself NOW about iodine and your thyroid and get your iodine levels checked ASAP!  Next – Virgin Coconut Oil…

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