Cayenne – This Simple Herb is a Life Savior!




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Cayenne – This Simple Herb is a Life Savior!

August 8, 2010 by Healthyhank

Cayenne can ‘repair’ an ulcer?  Cayenne can ‘stop’ a heart attack or stroke?  Cayenne can ‘stop’ a ruptured artery blood flow?  How can that be?

About 20 years ago I was taking a Dr. John Christopher Master Herbalist course.  Dr Christopher was an amazing herbalist with a heart as large as the State of Idaho during the early decades of the 20 century…  born in 1909 and died of a severe head injury in 1983.  He was put in jail many times during his medical career because he used simple herbs and common sense very successfully.  In 1953 he started his herbalist school that his son David successfully manages.

This course taught me many of the foundational solutions to wellness.  The teaching about Cayenne had a big impact on me.

My opening line made some strong statements about an ulcer, a heart attack or stroke, a flowing ruptured artery?  Cayenne is probably the most powerful individual herb on the earth. 

I personally have used tincture of cayenne and powder numerous times; one important time was when a collogue was at my office and began to have a heart attack and was quickly going very grey…  I knew that if I called 911 and waited for very long he would be dead.  I grabbed my bottle of tincture of cayenne (200,000 HI) and put about 20 drops in a small amount of water – then forced him to drink it.  In about 15 seconds he was violently coughing and within 90 seconds his color was PINK!  He went home and slept and was back at work the next day… cayenne saved his life.

Another story; it was Christmas time and we had 12 people for a special dinner.  It was time for me to carve the ribs and I cut a very deep gash in my hand.  Blood was squirting from the cut and I called for help getting an eyedropper of cayenne in my body.  Taking the cayenne, the bleeding stopped almost immediately.  I then got powdered cayenne poured into the wound, used butterfly bandages, gauss wrapped and then applied drops of Helichrysum (essential oil) to eliminate the pain.  I then went back to carving my roast :).  Less than 10 minutes had passed and the next day all you saw was a brown line – no swelling – no bruising.  After a couple of weeks – no mark/scar!

The main reason this happened is as follows; the pressure at the point of the heart attack, stroke or artery rupture is very high, cayenne causes so much heat that the blood pressure system will equalize throughout.  When the cayenne takes effect the pressure is removed from the ‘spot’.  Pouring cayenne powder directly into a wound will also stop the bleeding very quickly.

The list of things that cayenne helps is quite long, here is a partial;

  1. Circulatory stimulant – blood pressure reduces itself to normal.
  2. Cayenne equalizes blood pressure, influencing the heart immediately, and then extends its effects to the venous structure.
  3. Cayenne is a certain remedy for a heart attack/stroke – of all edible plants cayenne is the richest sources of Vitamin E – the heart builder.
  4. Commonly used as a gastric stimulant and digestive aid.
  5. Cayenne helps repair/protect a stomach ulcer by triggering mucus to protect the stomach – directly the opposite of medical opinion.
  6. Cayenne will increase a person’s feeling of vitality.
  7. Cayenne is used as an accentuator – it helps deliver herbs to the afflicted part of the body.

I have cayenne tinctures in each car, my briefcase and each bathroom.  Learn about this herb and gain another powerful tool!

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5 Responses to “Cayenne – This Simple Herb is a Life Savior!”

  1. I’ve known about cayenne pepper for a long time.Any pepper will stem the flow of blood from a wound ,but cayenne works the fastest and does not contaminate the wound.It is “hot” to the taste buds but creates an anesthesia effect on open wounds.More people should know about it’s many benefits.And as a reminder,although it looks like paprika ,cayenne is unique.Every kitchen and medicine cabinet should have an ample supply, and not just as a wonderful spice.

  2. Hello HealthyHank,

    Very interesting topic, did not realize the significance of Cayenne pepper. I found your blog via Twitter and am very excited to see what else you come up with.


  3. wade says:

    I just started on cayenne pepper a week ago . I had to go to the Dr. office mid-week to get a shot for the crud going around,that nite my blood pressure shot up to 158 over 98 ,so I tryed 1/2 teaspoon cayenne & a teaspoon of Honey with 4 oz. warm pure water, had to take it two time in a hour but it brought my BP back to normal after the second dose also had heart paps, heart beat got to like 105 it droped it to 64 bpm . I take it three time a day now. I had a ulcer in my deodenal last year. Had to go back to Gastric Dr. in Dec, 2010 said my ucler was well but my stomach had Gastric mucosal abnormality characterized by erythema, was biopsied, & was not cancer. The Dr. told me he would lay off the cayenne pepper caps. I`d been taking for a year after they found the ucler,that`s well this year so I knew it was the cayenne capsules that when i went to taking it in warm water after finding out about Dr. John Chistopher online before i found this site. It works for me my stomach geting better every day. Glad to find Healthyhank sity, I need to learn more, thanks wade

  4. Healthyhank says:

    The cayanne capsules really don’t accomplish the desired result. Using the powder or tincture direct in a small amount of water will give the best results…

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