OMG! Thirty Seven Years Have Gone BY!




How to Get Well and STAY Well!

OMG! Thirty Seven Years Have Gone BY!

June 16, 2009 by Healthyhank

In 1972 I was a “Wall Street” executive, worked in Wall street, drank three martini’s a day, smoked a couple of packs of Camels, drank wine daily, traveled a 100 flights a year, had an ulcer, got strep throat twice a year and thought that I had the world by the tail…

I met a woman who was a health guru that had a chain of the finest health food stores in California and was the aunt of a consultant that I had hired in California.  She shook and held my hand and looked deep into my eyes and said “you may become a great executive someday – IF you live past 35”.  I was a bit shocked and she then said to come by her office and she would explain why she had said that…  I met with her and she proceeded to tell me that my adrenals were shot and I was toxic and if I didn’t change my life style I would be a walking dead man!  That was the beginning of my quest to understand nutrition.

Some years later I had three people in my extended family get diagnosed with cancer and they all were dead within 6 months…  I freaked out since there was no difference between them and my family.  I set out on a course of research to understand cancer and the “alternative” possibilities.  It didn’t take too long before I began to understand the “medical system” and “Big Phara”.  For the next 10 years I walked around ANGRY!

I learned many things including how to eat a macrobiotic diet and did it with a fervor that made my wife and children wish I would leave :).  I was fanatical about staying healthy.  I also began to understand more about how our bodies worked and began to explore various kinds of healing modalities.

I began to understand the relationship between plant and human physiology and health and sickness.  Since virus, bacterium, yeast and fungus are plant physiology it made all the sense in the world to understand the difference in the terrain that made them flourish.  Interestingly enough it would take years to fully understand the profound reality of this simple observation. 

During the following years I learned about scientists like Royal R.Rife and his discoveries with his 50,000 times magnification white light microscope.  I also learned about Morris Fishbine (head of the AMA in the 40’s) and the ruthless persecution of Rife and others that dared to discover modalities that could cure diseases.  (It is interesting that years later I would come across some of Rife’s actual equipment from the archives at UCLA.)  All traces of Rife’s work were removed from all records of North Western University, UCLA and Mayo Clinic.  Studying stories like the saga of Hoxey Hoxey and his battle with the FDA and the AMA and the “support” agencies like the IRS you begin to get a cold sweat.  Well that was 60 years ago – that’s not like it is today!  NOT!  It is actually worse.  The hand of Big Pharma and the $$ cronies in our government make the efforts 50 years ago look like child’s play.

After years of research and watching a dear friend go to prison for helping people get well,  I have basically come to a simple conclusion – We can’t change the “system” and if we try real hard they will find a way to “take us out”!  So the correct approach is to educate ourselves so that we can stay well and not be subjected to the mantra that is the only way to cure yourself of cancer, that is, burn, slash and poison.  Please join me here again at my blog and I will share my thirty plus years of research and give you my thoughts on how to achieve true wellness…

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10 Responses to “OMG! Thirty Seven Years Have Gone BY!”

  1. Jim says:


    I am really anticipating your futher posts. Great story!

  2. Donna says:

    Liked your blog. Sounds like a good beginnng. I’ve heard your story before but I never heard the part about your adreanals. How did you change that situation?

  3. Marcia Rudd says:

    Hank, Thank You for all your help! I am looking forward to your ph balance studies!! xoxoxo

  4. Wendy says:

    Fantastic inofrmation on so many levels. Simple solutions from God’s “supply”. You have done a great deal of research and your blog is really filled to the brim with insightful nuggets.
    The iodine is brilliant!

    Oh and by the way, thank you for always investing in nutrition, it has strengthened our family in so many ways.

    Love you Pop.

  5. lorin says:

    well hank, it is great to have and take time to read and digest all your amazing nuggets of nutritional wisdom… the rebounding and the iodine are areas to apply for me and mine now, but the conspiracy issues of our gov’t are also major factors I always want to keep an eye on… we all need to fight a little, and do our part to resist the evil intent of those who would get weath and power by lying to the public, and destroying the truth to good health, replacing it with death medicines, better known as toxic “cures” that are really just temporary cover-ups… thanks again for searching for and releasing to the public the truths of obtaining God’s good health from natural sources

  6. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  7. Healthyhank says:

    Thanks for that observation – I’m learning as I go – 69 yrs this month and learning more than ever before… 🙂

  8. Terry Bridie says:

    Hank, Love the blogs. You are such an inspiration to us all. You practice what you preach and your body shows it. The 50 year olds I know should take some lessons from you as you put most guys that age to shame.

    Let me know if you hear any rumors about Florida legalizing medical marijuana. I will be the first to get a license.

    By the way, do you have any information about the deregulation of the utility companies anywhere on your site? People need to know they have a choice. We are held hostage by the utility companies here in Florida. I would love to be able to tell my utility company to go pound sand.

    Thanks for the information about my thyroid and iodine. It is helping immensely. My temperature has gone from 96 degrees to 97.6.

  9. Healthyhank says:

    Terry you’re on the right track – I believe that once you get you iodine levels back to normal and consequently your temperature back in the 98+ range you will see the progress that you want… I believe that eating hemp seeds, taking hemp protein and the hemp oil (as in flax oil) will also contribute to returning your body to the youthful strength that you once had.

    My de-regulation site is – these next few years will be opening up many markets for us to get customers and distributors to both save money and to earn $$. Ever since I went solar for my home electricity it pleases me to have a -$14 bill for July Vs $$350 a couple of years ago! I saved over $3000 my last fiscal solar year! 🙂

    I will email you the information on Rick Simpson in Canada… you need to support one or two of the organizations that help States get the medicine on the ballets… Thanks for your kind words! Be blessed.

  10. Daine Kirt says:

    My partner and I stumbled over here coming from a different page and thought I may as well check things out. I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to looking at your web page yet again.

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