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IODINE! 100 Year Old Medicine!

July 23, 2009 by Healthyhank

Over one hundred years ago Iodine was a front line medicine!  Discovered in 1811, it was first used medically for goiter (swelling of the thyroid) treatments.  Early in the 1900’s Midwestern states had a high rate of goiter as nearly 40% of children had enlarged thyroid glands.  The RDA in this country for iodine is only designed to prevent goiter.

Most of us with grey hair used iodine for cuts and bruises.  Many of us knew that the thyroid relies on iodine to function; however, most of us do not really understand the real importance of iodine’s function in our bodies.  It is involved in every function and is also anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal!! It also assists in removing fluoride and bromine.

Thanks to David Brownstein, MD for his awesome book “Iodine Why You Need It – Why You Can’t Live Without It” [A MUST READ] and the work of other pioneer doctors like Guy Abraham, MD and David Derry, MD.  They and other researchers like Mark Sircus, OMD are bringing Iodine back to the position of importance that it deserves.

Medicinal iodine needs to be in every home pharmacy – period.  These next few paragraphs are intended for you to just get a glimpse of how important iodine is to you and your family.  It literally could save your life or at the very least improve your quality of life.

Our thyroids CANNOT function without sufficient supplies of iodine.  In women, the thyroid stores the most with the ovaries and breasts 2nd and 3rd.  When the pituitary gland releases thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) it stimulates the thyroid to release thyroxine (T4).  Triiodothyronine (T3) is converted from T4 and the metabolic functions begin.  Without sufficient levels of iodine a poorly functioning thyroid can result in goiter, increased autoimmune problems, ADD, breast diseases, migraine headaches and numerous others.  Remember the thyroid gland is responsible for producing every hormone in our body.

The relationship between breast/prostate cancer and iodine deficiencies is still somewhat controversial; however when you study the research available you will probably conclude as I have that the evidence is overwhelming.  Since testing is so simple it is foolish not to test.  Dr Brownstein has his patients take 50 mg of Iodoral iodine and then collect urine for 24 hours.  Measuring the amount of iodine in the urine tells how much the body “kept” because it needed the iodine.  Over 90% of his patients tested were iodine deficient!

I do it a bit differently; I get plain ole 1% iodine from the drug store and ‘paint’ a 3 inch square spot on my forearm and watch it for the day and determine when it disappeared.  If it stayed all day I probably have enough iodine.  I’ve known of people that it was gone in two hours!  I use nascent iodine drops from Magnascent

Getting iodine from foods is difficult since most farm lands are deficient and only seaport cities have populations that can get the correct amounts.  Table salt  🙁 has a very small amount.  Sea salt  🙂 would be better.  The goiter and breast/prostate cancer challenges in the Midwest are much higher than that of seaports.  You will need to supplement…

When I first read Dr Brownstein’s book some years ago I became very angry…  As a health coach I speak with many women that are on thyroid medication and I ask them if their doctors had checked their iodine levels?  99% say NO!  That is crazy!  The thyroid cannot function if the iodine levels are insufficient!  Contact me if you need help!

Educate yourself NOW about iodine and your thyroid and get your iodine levels checked ASAP!  Next – Virgin Coconut Oil…

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12 Responses to “IODINE! 100 Year Old Medicine!”

  1. Karen says:

    HI Hank,
    How do I know which to use of the Magnescant, 1% or 2%?

    Good call by the way.

  2. Healthyhank says:

    Thanks Karen, 1% will probably do the job. It does take months to get the iodine stores up to normal using either. Most people will notice results soon after using iodine… It’s so important! 🙂

  3. Karen says:

    Hi Hank, I used up a bottle of magnascent, and heard about lugols.I am trying lugols.
    What are your ideas re: iodoral, lugols, magnascent, sea salt, selenic and possible detox symptoms?

    Is it okay to go off armour then do just magnascent, lugols or iodoral?

    Thanks, K

    ps. 3 things I have noticed, much less hair fallout, and some nighttime heart pounding, interrupted sleep.

  4. Healthyhank says:

    Hi Karen, having numerous clients that have used iodoral and lugols, I prefer the nacent iodine from Magnascent since I have seen less side effects and more results. Since we are all so different lugols may be perfect for you. The important part is that you are doing something! Sea salt will not give you enough iodine to solve most deficiencies. It’s a good idea to check your levels every few months. Be blessed.

  5. Karen says:

    Thx Hank. I may stick with magnascent as it has an easier taste.

    Have added natural sea salt to foods in addition.

  6. Kadsdrearty says:

    Lots of people blog about this matter but you said really true words.

  7. june peters says:

    Hi! I would like to tell you that I have had a cardiac arrythmia since I was a teenager. It was terrifying. I stopped going to the ER because they wanted to perform surgery and prescribe various medications that had side effects. I won’t bore you with all my diagnoses. My thyroid tests were all normal. I tried everything—-B vitamins, salt, potassium,iron,meds,etc. I have cured this with one itsy bitsy drop of Lugol’s iodine in my OJ each morning. I also paint my arms at night. It is always gone in the morning. Lugol’s changed my life!

  8. Healthyhank says:

    As with all supplementations and medicines we need to proceed slowly and be aware of our interactions. I have not been comfortable using Iodoral and have used the ‘nascent’ iodine since it seems to be much easier for the body to use… the site that I mention has the link to and John Brookshire would probably have an opinion about your experience – you may want to call on him…

  9. Phoebe says:

    My husband and I started a couple of weeks ago by gradually increasing the amount of kelp we were taking. We both began to have much more energy, but I was concerned about not having any guidelines for how much kelp it is safe to take. Also, the Magnascent is the actual Edgar Cayce formula. We stopped the kelp and started the Magnascent today. We both feel something good happening in our bodies already. You don’t have to take as much to get results, also.

  10. Healthyhank says:

    Isn’t it amazing how the ‘establishment’ has completely ignored the simple basics… since there is no financial incentive regarding most of these topics we will never see the mainstream person able to care for themselves properly – kudos to you and your husband for taking on the responsibility of your own wellbeing!

  11. jennifer figueroa says:

    Hello, my husband and I have bben using nayural salt(himalayan)for 5 years and now we both have goiters, any suggestions other than what the establishment says to do that is , by the way, invasive?Thank you very much

  12. Healthyhank says:

    Please check your iodine levels using the simple test that I describe in my post… the natural salts apparently have some challenges for some people… you should see some improvements after using nacent iodine for a few months. Be well.

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