Follow-up to Battery Powered Pain Relief! A Winner!

November 4, 2009 by Healthyhank

Just a follow-up to my last post regarding the battery pain relief setup…  it is fantastic!  My wife and I have used our set-up for a few months now and it is amazing how consistent the experience has been.

I found some soft conductive pads from an old “muscle” stimulator that had two pads joined together in one connection.  I extended that single connection to the negative terminal and we have that wire going down the center of the bed between us.  Each of us has one pad available and we use them during the night.  Since I have had damage in numerous areas I will have some pain during the night – when I awaken I put one of the pads on the area and usually go back to sleep or realise that after a few minutes the pain is gone.  My wife has experienced this many times.

My 7 year old grand daughter had a lung/throat infection and coughed all night keeping herself and my daughter up with her.  I suggested using their setup with one washer on her throat and one on her chest before going to bed the next night.  Sure enough the little one slept the entire night without coughing!

I know it sounds a bit weird for some of you however, if you want a very effective and very inexpensive pain solution for acute or chronic challenges pay attention to this information.  keep ion mind I sleep with full sheets that are connected to the earth – so these results are in addition to the electron flow from the earth.  You can email me with your address and I will email you soem sources for the components…  This is amazing!  Be blessed.

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