Battery Powered Pain Relief?! Wow! :)

August 26, 2009 by Healthyhank

When you read my post about “Earthing” you learn very quickly that I feel strongly about being connected to the earth.  Since we have inflammation in our bodies caused by positively charged “free radicals” pain and disease almost always results.  Connecting to the earth with our bare feet/body, immediately pulls “free electrons” into our body and reduces/eliminates these free radicals!

A few weeks ago I was introduced to an elderly gentleman (90) who is a patriot/researcher and quite a character to know whose name is Dr. James R. Walker.  He wrote an interesting book named “Holocaust American Style” which is a book about the reality of our Phara/Health/Death system.  He does not mince words either. 🙂  He is a delight to chat with since he has very strong opinions and has the years and experience to back up his thoughts!  He also has no fear of the establishment so he speaks his mind.

He mentioned a work by a Swedish researcher named Dr. Nordenstrom who worked developing protocols for curing tumors and cancer using electrical current.  My purpose for bringing this up is NOT to discuss tumors or cancer, since I don’t work in that area.  That is only for qualified, trained and educated medical doctors.

So far we have talked about “Earthing”, electricity, inflammation and positively charged free radicals…  Now follow me down this road. 

Go to Wal-Mart or Sears and purchase a 12 volt Lawn and Garden battery about half the size of a normal battery (about $30).  Go to the sports/picnic section and get a six pack cooler with a plastic liner – the battery fits perfectly.  Now it gets interesting…

Use the cover that was on the negative post to cover the positive post of the battery(you won’t need the positive post for now) and connect a wire to the negative post.  Strip the other end of the wire, connect that end to a metal key, washer or any piece of metal, OR just use the bare wire itself.  Put that end of the wire directly on the pain area for 15 minutes or more and observe the pain reduction! 

You basically have “turbo charged” free electrons into the positively charged inflamed pain area!  This flow of “free electrons” is causing the “positive” side of the “circuit” to be completed.  From an “engineering” point of view this “can’t happen”.  Trust me – its happening! 🙂

I have successfully used it on myself and family and with numerous clients.  The results have been quite amazing.  I had a friend with a pulled tendon from her heel and she had the key taped to her heel all night.  She woke without pain.  Most injuries will probably need numerous applications; however, Dr Walker solved a 70 year old shoulder injury with only a few applications.

Enjoy some of the simpler solutions available that are very inexpensive, safe and fortunately very effective.  More to come…

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