Where the Heck Do I Begin? It’s So Confusing!




How to Get Well and STAY Well!

Where the Heck Do I Begin? It’s So Confusing!

July 3, 2009 by Healthyhank

After thirty years of nutritional research I’ve simplified things to what I call the “Platform of Wellness”.  This is a concept that would be like the footings (corner points) of a buildings foundation.  The Starting Place!

The 1st point is to Reconnect your body to the Surface of the Earth.  The discovery of what happens when your bare feet touch the surface of the earth is profound.  You ‘pull’ free electrons into your body and it’s like a fire hose of  antioxidants.  We create free radicals in our body like crazy when we’re just breathing and if you think you can get rid of them with oral antioxidants – think again.  Taking oral antioxidants is like putting a drop of water in a pool – you need the whole pool.  The surface of the earth gives you access to the entire pool.  This is called Earthing!

When you surf in the ocean, walk barefoot, lie on the beach, even walking with old leather soles, you are getting huge amounts of free electrons.  America disconnected in the 60’s when plastics and polymers were discovered.  We have more autoimmune diseases in this country than anywhere!

The 2nd point is your Cardiovascular System!  Every day 2500 people in the US die of heart attacks and strokes!  This is the reason why… every sixty seconds your arteries pump 5-8 quarts of blood through about 75,000 miles of vessels.  Research estimates that we have 1% of blockage for each year that we are old.  All that is needed is to have some clogged intersections or junk in the road and we are in trouble.

The answer is very simple; in 1998 the Nobel Prize in Medicine was given for the three decades of research regarding L-arginine and Nitric Oxide (NO).  NO is naturally produced by the lining of the arteries and NO dissolves plaque and restores the elasticity of the muscles in the arteries.  When we take the proper formulation containing liquid arginine, citruline and some functional antioxidants our cardiovascular system can do some wonderful things.  It also is a natural Viagra :).

The 3rd point is Toxicity.  Toxins are involved with virtually every health challenge.  Heavy metals accumulate easily in our bodies starting with most of the fillings put in our teeth.  Mercury, cadmium, lead, tin and others are a major part of the food for fungi, viruses and bacterium.  They thrive on heavy metals!

Heavy metals may be moved/removed by; IV chelation therapy, sun chlorella, infrared sauna, Humic/fulvic acids and others.  I was personally contaminated with heavy metals from 20+ mercury fillings and 25 years of smoking.  I used infrared saunas and then the mineral Zeolite.  True Zeolite is in the form of the actual powder, NOT a liquid.  The mineral is negatively charged, 50% of the surface area is a cage that pulls heavy metals ionically through the walls of the intestines then it’s removed via the feces.  Just 5 Gms – 1 tsp a day.  It just plain works!

The 4th point is our Emotional Stability and Peace.  About 80% of our diseases have a serious emotional component.  We downloaded raw data during our childhood and that creates the platform as to how we react/function.  When stress loads are high, we are open to diseases.  Dr. Bruce Lipton stated that when we are under serious stress we create the same chemical that is given to transplant patients to suppress their immune system!

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique is one excellent solution.  I have taught my young grand children how to use the method. 

These four pillars are critical to have in place.  Simple but profound.  Next is the first floor…

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  1. Susan Glynn says:

    Hi Hank,

    Clicked here from the Utube of Bruce Lipton speaking, put up by Try it on Everything EFT. Have used EFT since 2001 and its got me through massive difficult times in my life and changed my thinking.

    Have been doing Energy since 1995/6 when the first training I did showed me immediately I had turned one of the most important corners in my life.
    …a typical life defining moment.

    Along the way my underlying belief has been that we are able to heal ourselves and that its possible to do this Completely.
    Hmm, Yes, it is a big statement…and yet I just kept believing it.

    While using the various Energy tools I was finding and doing trainings and using this with clients I kept thinking there must be easier ways…so I was lead to just that, easier, quicker more efficient ways of healing.
    And convinced we were only, at that time, with virtually all processes ‘out there’, only addressing ourselves down through our symptoms and via the Conscious mind…(while the Subconscious mind was happily Driving us…not listening to cons/mind…which was just the back seat driver…!!!

    EFT was my last port of call and I found emofree.com & on Gary’s site connected with the 2 guys in my country Australia. Dr David Lake and Steve Wells did a training in Sydney and I attended that in 2001.

    From 2001-05 I tapped and changed myself.
    Again the Realization stayed with me that EFT was fixing various negative thought patterns and instillling positive ones…just here and there.
    I felt like swiss cheese, some lovely clear bits and still lots of dense blocked areas that I didn’t know the map, directions, pattern of…how they were filed so I could efficiently & systematically find what was wrong and clear itm tap it, out.

    Me holding that belief we could do this clearing more efficiently of course is just what attracted to me a mechanism known as The Healing Codes which have a Completeness to them.
    Yes, its true,…we humans still don’t know what the Filing System is, to how, the order in which, our memories are filed and how to retrieve them systematically. That too will come…

    In the meantime The Healing Codes is quantum physics in Action when we use our hands on 4 new healing places on our body (found in 2001) and use 12 combinations or codes of those 4 hand positions, to open up the control panel of our minds & whole human system, creating positive ‘collapsing vibrations’.
    The Energy Field has its own knowing so we get the results because the Energy knows exactly what is needed next to heal in us.

    Also we have Decision so we can State verbally what we want healed as we do with EFT.
    We can remember pictures and clear those.
    Emotions & Feelings are at the Root of the weeds, at the source of our internal difficulties and The Healing Codes creates a vibration like a spark plug, that is the exact opposite vibration to those disruptive ones bothering us.
    Positive cancels negative…so…so long as we are coding we are clearing.

    Doing THC is to sit or lie down and just relax as you move through the 12 different codes that address across those 12, addressing all the systems & aspects of our human existance.
    It will work on cells that are alive…so won’t work on a dead cell 🙂
    As young as a 7yr old can pick up the Healing Codes and do them by themselves. My 6yr old grandson loves me coding on him and has his own THC pocket book and will read out the hand positions of each code to me as I do them on him, or on himself, or visa versa. Fun.! Joyful.! Loving.!!!

    Love working with people who want to heal.!
    Been accredited as a Healing Codes coach/practitioner over 18months now and more healing has happened in that time than years put together, for me, for clients.
    Just thought you may be interested in this mechanism…if it was new to you before this.
    You have my details now if there are any questions, I’m happy to answer anything or find out if I don’t know myself.

    Cheers from OZ…Susan Glynn.

  2. Healthyhank says:

    Thanks Susan, THC is no doubt powerful… I find for people just starting out EFT is wonderful 🙂 The TIOE DVD is also powerful and inexpensive for people to learn EFT http://www.efthank.com. Thanks for your input, I have clients in AU and I would like to keep in touch with you… be blessed. Hank

  3. Elaine Mohler says:

    Where can I find the products for your “Platform of Wellness?”


    Elaine in PA

  4. Healthyhank says:

    Hi Elaine, thanks for the queston – sorry for the delay… the cardiovascular product for nitric oxide production is http://www.retirecardio.com – the heavy metal remover is http://www.hankzeolite.com – the earthing is http://www.barefootpads.com and the Emotional freedom site is http://www.ewfthank.com... If you wish you can call me at (818) 707-0468 if you have questions…

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