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Your Home Pharmacy – Emergency Freedom!

November 23, 2012 by Healthyhank

Thanks for reading my posts.  I had such a response of interest in the Home Pharmacy I wanted to let everyone have it available.  Your comments, feedback and interests are important to me…  Hank

Home Pharmacy:

First Aid Book, Baking soda, Nascent iodine, apple cider vinegar, ‘hot’ cayenne pepper and/or cayenne tincture, [will stop a heart attack, stroke or arterial rupture], coconut oil [{reverse Alzheimer’s}, internal, cooking, topical], learn about Urine Therapy [free and could save your life, i.e. if you had a poisonous bite or nut allergy, put drops of your urine on your tongue about ½ minute plus after bite, the two lymph node sensors in the lower jaw/mouth will evaluate the challenge/need and tell your body to create the antidote!  Need to get past the yuk factor :-)] see [this is a long interview – the first 30 minutes is strong] See “The Water of Life” by JW Armstrong, toxin remover [powdered zeolite can also be used as a wound healer], distilled water, aspirin, essential oil of helichryisum [pain reliever], peppermint [indigestion], ear drops, rubbing alcohol, salt, colloidal silver, Hydrogen Peroxide, Epson salts, vitamin d3 [50,000 IU take 100,000 IU for 5 days if flu attack], ginger [cramps, gut pain, gas], Ipecac Syrup [induce vomiting], Agrisept-L [kill herpes, parasites, fungus, staphylococcus, E. Coli, Tourista], ibuprofen, oil of garlic [ear aches], soy sauce [for burns], Vaseline, lip balm, suntan lotion, emergency bandages, gauze and tape [size assortment], knife, scissor, razor, fire starting stone/flint, waterproof matches, candles, blankets, warm clothes, enema bag, male and female catheters, d-mannose[Douglas Labs for UT infection], extra eye glasses…

See “About Hank” for FDA & FTC disclosure…

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